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Yogyakarta Station (formerly known as Tugu Station)
Yogyakarta Station, 24 October 2013.jpg
Location Yogyakarta, Java
Coordinates 7°47′21″S 110°21′51″E / 7.7892°S 110.364100°E / -7.7892; 110.364100Coordinates: 7°47′21″S 110°21′51″E / 7.7892°S 110.364100°E / -7.7892; 110.364100
Owned by PT Kereta Api Indonesia
Line(s) Southern Line
Kedungjati to Yogyakarta Line (defunct)
Bantul Line (defunct)
Other information
Station code YK
Train at Tugu station

Yogyakarta Station, formerly known as Tugu station, (Code: YK, +133 AMSL) is located in Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta Special Region in Indonesia.


The station circa 1890.

Tugu station was a historically significant location during the Dutch colonial era in Java, being a location where Dutch colonial officials, and Yogyakartan royalty would travel to and from Batavia.

In the 2000s various changes including the name change of the railway station. [1][2][3]


It is currently under the auspices of PT Kereta Api Indonesia Region VI Yogyakarta. This station and its railway tracks stretching from west to east and also as the border of Jetis and Gedongtengen regency.

These station serve the departure and arrival of Executive and Business Class train from Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya.


Trains that pass through Yogyakarta station include:

Executive Class[edit]

Executive and Business Class[edit]

Business Class[edit]


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