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Tuibuang/Tuibuong is the District Headquarters of Churachandpur district of the Indian state of Manipur. Mr. Langsun Pauminlian Mate is the Chief of Tuibuang/Tuibuong village. The village was established by Ex-Subedar Langsun Khupchinkam Mate, which the land was given by Teiseng chief during the middle of the 20th century. It has a high concentration of the ethnicMate (Taithul) Tribe and Thadou-Kuki community. Tuibuang/Tuibuong is one of the largest town wards in Churachandpur, and it houses some of the most important Government offices of Churachandpur district, including the Secretariat of the Deputy Commissioner, Churachandpur. Established in 1946, the village has now become the hub of emerging civilisation of the surrounding area. Tuibuang/Tuibuong is the General Headquarters of MATE TRIBE COUNCIL, MANIPUR:(Govt. Regd.)- The Apex Organisation of the Mate Tribe of Manipur since inception. It is also the registered Office of The Mate Christian Fellowship Church (MCFC), Manipur, India. One time the village was inhabited only by Langsun Clan- of Mate Tribe, now many other tribes are living in Tuibuang/Tuibuong- which is also the Administrative Headquarters of Churachandpur District, Manipur.

Sumkong bazaar is the main market of Tuibuang/Tuibuong village, which also has many private institutional building and government institution. Tuibuang govt. junior high school is located in the main market. Churachandpur Police SP office and district treasury is a few meters away from sumkong bazaar.