Tujhse Hai Raabta

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Tujhse Hai Raabta
Tujhse Hai Raabta.png
Created byFull House Media
Developed bySonali Jaffer
Amir Jaffer
Written bySonali Jaffer, Kamolika Bhattacharya, Gitangshu Dey, Dr.Zaheer Sheikh
Directed bySonali Jaffar
StarringReem Shaikh
Sehban Azim
Poorva Gokhale
Opening theme"Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta"
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes156 as of 20 March, 2019
Producer(s)Amir Jaffar
Sonali Jaffar
Production location(s)Mumbai, India
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time20 minutes (approx.)
Production company(s)Full House Media
DistributorZee Entertainment Enterprises
Original networkZee TV
Picture format576i
1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release3 September 2018 (2018-09-03) –
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Tujhse Hai Raabta (English: There's A Connection With You) is an Indian television drama show.[1][2] The series is produced by Sonali and Amir Jaffer of Full House Media. It premiered on 3 September 2018 on Zee TV. It stars Reem Sheikh, Poorva Gokhale, Sehban Azim and Shagun Pandey. The show tells the story of a guardian and a daughter, where the latter hates the former. The guardian tries her best to win her over, but in vain.


The story starts with a girl named Kalyani Deshmukh who is a 17 years old girl, spending vacation with her parents Atul Deshmukh and Madhuri Deshmukh. During their vacation, Kalyani arranges remarriage of Atul and Madhuri as an anniversary gift for the celebration of their anniversary. But Madhuri commits suicide seeing a woman named Anupriya's call on Atul's mobile. Thus, Kalyani thinks Anupriya to be the interfering person in between her parents and starts hating Anupriya even though not knowing who is Anupriya. The police thinks Atul is responsible for Madhuri's death and arrests him. Atul is in police custody and calls Anupriya to take responsibility of Kalyani until she turns 18. Anupriya does so for their old sake. But Kalyani, who doesn't know Anupriya's real identity, denies to stay with Anupriya. So, Kalyani gets admitted in a school and stays at the school's hostel.

Anupriya lives in a village named Aurangabad with her family consisting of Ahilya Deshmukh(also known as Aosaheb and who initially thought of as Anupriya's mom), Sayaji Rao Deshmukh/ Raosaheb( Ahilya's Husband and elder of the family), Vivek (son of Aosaheb) and his wife Pallavi with their two kids Nal and Godavari, Atharv (who is Pallavi's orphan brother), Aparna(Aosahebs Daughter- kicked out from her in laws house) and Sampada-Aparna's daughter(married to an ACP Malhar Rane). Anupriya didn't tell her family members about Kalyani and suddenly Kalyani comes to their house during a puja to take revenge from Anupriya.She gets off on a wrong foot with Aosaheb from the first Day. Kalyani keeps making troubles for Anupriya but Anupriya continues caring and supporting Kalyani. After few incidents, it is revealed that Atul is the son of Ahilya Deshmukh and Sayajirao Deshmukh. It is also revealed that Anupriya is Atul's first wife.

But Ahilya refuses to accept Kalyani as her granddaughter as she consideres Kalyani to be illegitimate child of Atul and Madhuri because Madhuri, who was actually the sister-in-law of Aparna, was in relationship with Atul and got pregnant. Back then, Madhuri's father threw Aparna out of his home as Ahilya didn't accept Atul and Madhuri and rather disowned them. So both Ahilya and Aparna now turn inferior to Kalyani-Anupriya. To make Kalyani out from their family, Aao Saheb plans to get Kalyani married to Atharv Bapat who is the brother of Atul's sister-in-law ,Pallavi Deshmukh. Kalyani doesn't agree to the marriage and Anupriya also supports her and gradually Kalyani accepts Anupriya as her mother. On the other hand, Atharv and his girlfriend Sampada are in affair which is unknown to all. On Kalyani's 18th birthday, Atharv and Sampada plan to elope but doctor tells Sampada not to travel as Sampada is pregnant and her delivery date is very close. So Sampada tells her husband ACP Malhar Rane that she is going to Mumbai but actually makes kidnapping drama along with Atharv which Kalyani gets to know. Kalyani and Anupriya thinks that Atharva kidnapped Sampada and tries to free her and inform Malhar about it. So, Atharva gets furious and torturous Kalyani for making troubles for them. Sampada gives birth to Moksh and finally she elopes with Atharva. Kalyani tries to stop Sampada but she didn't listen her. Instead they frame Kalyani and Anupriya for helping them elope, leaving Malhar and Sampada's newborn.Anupriya gets to know it and follows themand Atharv-Sampada falls from a hill while running away from her.But Malhar comes at that moment and thinks Anupriya killed Atharv-Sampada.

Malhar is devastated and wants to extract revenge from mother- daughter duo for his defamation in the society. Ahilya sees this as a chance to get rid of Kalyani and fixes the latter's marriage with Malhar Rane, as a token of repentance and to babysit Malhar's newborn, Moksh. Kalyani strongly denies but later accepts as Malhar warns her to marry him, else see her mom behind the bars. On the day of marriage it is revealed to Malhar that Atharva and Sampada loved each other even before his marriage with Sampada, which Sampada was never ready to accept but had no choice left before Ahilya. Now Malhar is totally broken and wants to take revenge from whole of Deshmukh family.After his marriage with Kalyani,Malhar starts creating troubles for Kalyani as he holds her responsible for all the incidents. Kalyani tries to make Malhar realize that she wasn't involved with Sampada but it all her attempts goes in vain and rather Malhar keeps torturing Kalyani. Though Malhar hates Kalyani,she doesn't complain of him as Kalyani believes that Malhar is a good person by heart.In a bomb blast incident in Mumbai,Kalyani runs with the bomb for saving Malhar,Moksh and others. And after this,for the first time Malhar realizes there is something good in Kalyani but can't trust her all the way.Their relation goes on like this and day by day Malhar starts to soften towards Kalyani. Kalyani develops motherly love for Moksh and even the baby Moksh reciprocates it. In the day of naming ceremony of Moksh, Aau saheb plans with Pallavi to defame Malhar by stating that Moksh is not Malhar's son but is Atharva- Sampada's illegitimate son. Malhaar is heartbroken and leaves midway. Kalyani tries to explain him but in vain. Malhar then tries to confirm the statement by getting a DNA test report, where knowing that Moksh's blood group is same as that of Atharva's he shaken to the core and wants to check on Samada's blood group. In his hurry, he forgets baby Moksh in the hospital where the baby gets unconscious. At home when Kalyani inquires about Moksh Malhar says he forgot him in the hospital and knowing about the arrangements for Moksh's DNA test, Kalyani bursts out on Malhar and then he realizes his mistake. Moksh stars recovering. On Republic Day's function at Kalyani's college,Sampada and Atharva come back making everyone shocked of the fact that they are alive.Moreover,terrorists attack the college and they fix bomb there.Malhar,along with his police team tries to find the bomb but couldn't as the terrorists stops them.But Kalyani- Anupriya finds it and Kalyani risks her own life for others.Before few seconds of the blast time,with the help of Kalyani-Malhar,the bomb squad diffues the bomb and Malhar stops Kalyani from falling,saving her life.Seeing Kalyani's all these efforts and support for him,Malhar starts to trust and care for Kalyani and believes that Kalyani,indeed was not at all involved with Sampada-Atharva.But he is also afraid of this truth that he has ruined Kalyani's life who was innocent.

Atharva and Sampada have come back in the city and they are now rich as they cheated a mentally unstable girl named Mugdha and got all her properties.Sampada now wants back Moksh but Malhar has Moksh's legal custody.So Atharva-Sampada makes plan to defame Malhar for raping Sneha and thinks that then they will get custody of Moksh.But Kalyani spoils all their plan proving Malhar innocent.Malhar thanks Kalyani for saving his reputation. But at this ,Sampada gets more furious and she fakes marriage with Atharva as they can't legally marry now because Mugdha is legal wife of Atharva.Then to proove infront of the society as husband and wife, Sampada and Atharva hold Haldi-Kumkum ceremony where they invite all married ladies. At the event Sampada insults Anupriya a lot saying that she lives a life of widow even after being married. To proove it wrong Kalyani decides to put haldi on Anupriya's forehead and as result she slaps her. Anupriya bursts out her anger on Kalyani and feels apologetic. Malhar consoles Kalyani by saying she is one of the reason he lives after Moksh and also consoles Anupriya.

At Kalyani and Anupriya's college fest, Atharva,who is the chief guest of the fest, humiliates Kalyani-Anupriya's saree stall but Kalyani shows him tit for tat and makes him apologize in front of everyone. This infuriates Atharva and he vows to make Kalyani cry. He tricks Kalyani into going to the mistletoe tree by telling that her jhumka, which was gifted by Malhar in a shooting game, has fallen there. Anupriya comes to know of this so she goes there instead and is humiliated by Sampadha who tells that Anupriya comes to college for flirting with young boys. This leaves Anupriya heart broken and she vents out all her pain and sorrow of 18 years. Kalyani sees her loneliness and plans to get her remarried. Malhar misunderstands that Kalyani wants to remarry. Soon all gets cleared.

Here comes a new character in the story,Saarthak who is Malhar's uncle. Saarthak hits Anupriya's cycle and Kalyani scolds him for doing so not knowing that he is Malhar's uncle. But Saarthak likes Kalyani's guts and love for Anupriya.He smiles at her proclaiming to be the wife of ACP Malhar Rane,'Aurangabad's Singham'.She later comes to know the truth in her college where Saarthak has joined as a professor. Malhar promises Kalyani that he will help her find a match for Anupriya.

Kalyani gets excited for her mother's remarriage and accepts the request of an unknown man on the matrimonial site who turns out to be a factionist. However Malhar and Kalyani escape from there. During this they come to know of Atharva's illegal business.Kalyani stands for Malhar whenever Sampadha tries to insult him and Sampadha gets insulted instead. Kalyani sees someone peeping at them through the window but Malhar assures that there is no one. He turns out be Keshav, Anupriya's brother, who has come back to kill Kalyani to avenge Anupriya's loneliness caused by Kalyani's parents. But Anupriya's tries her best to save Kalyani. Keshav kidnaps Pillu and asks Kalyani to shoot herself to save Pillu. Kalyani almost shoots herself but Anupriya saves her and Malhar finds Pillu. Keshav now joins hands with Atharva in spite of promising Anupriya that he will go away from their lives if she saves him from Malhar's wrath which she does.



  • Reem Shaikh as Kalyani Deshmukh/Kalani Malhar Rane – Madhuri and Atul's daughter, Anupriya's stepdaughter, Malhar's second wife, Moksh's stepmother (2018–present)
  • Poorva Gokhale as Anupriya Deshmukh – Kalyani's stepmother, Atul's first wife (2018–present)
  • Sehban Azim as ACP Malhar Rane – Sampada's ex-husband, Kalyani's husband, Moksh's father (2018–present)
  • Arzaan Shaikh as Moksh Malhar Rane – Kalani and Malhar's son, (2018–present)
  • Sneha Shah as Sampada Deshmuskh – Atharva's girlfriend, Malhar's ex-wife, Kalani's cousin (2018–present)
  • Shagun Pandey as Atharva Bapat – Pallavi's brother, Sampada's boyfriend, Mugdha's husband (2018–present)
  • Rajat Dahiya as Sarthak Rane - Malhar's uncle (2019–present)
  • Amit Soni as Keshav - Anupriya's brother (2019–present)


  • Shahab Khan as Sayajiirao Deshmukh – Kalyani's grandfather, Ahilya's husband, Atul, Aparna and Vivek's father (2018–present)
  • Savita Prabhune as Ahilya Deshmukh – Kalyani's grandmother, Sayajiirao's wife, Atul, Aparna and Vivek's mother (2018–present)
  • Priya Shinde as Pallavi Deshmukh – Atharva's elder sister, Vivek's wife, Kalyani's aunt (2018–present)
  • Anuj Khurana as Vivek Deshmukh – Atul's younger brother, Pallavi's husband, Kalyani's uncle (2018–present)
  • Rajeshwari Dutta as Aparna Deshmukh – Madhuri-Anupriya's sister-in-law, Sayajirao and Ahilya's daughter, Sampada's mother, Kalyani's paternal aunt (2018–present)
  • Pankaj Vishnu as Atul Deshmukh – Anupriya and Madhuri's husband, Kalyani's father (2018)
  • Sheena Bajaj as Varsha – Atharva's fake girlfriend (2018)
  • Amrapali Gupta as Madhuri Deshmukh – Kalyani's mother, Atul's second wife (2018)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Nominee Result
2018 Zee Rishtey Awards Favourite Naya Sadasya (Male) Sehban Azim Nominated
Favorite Naya Sadasya (Female) Reem Shaikh Won


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