Tukey's Bridge

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The bridge is in the foreground, with Casco Bay behind it. The Back Bay Footpath is underneath the bridge on the right, and some islands are in the background.
Tukey's Bridge from the west, above Back Bay
Tukey's Bridge
Coordinates 43°40′35″N 70°15′23″W / 43.6763°N 70.2565°W / 43.6763; -70.2565Coordinates: 43°40′35″N 70°15′23″W / 43.6763°N 70.2565°W / 43.6763; -70.2565
Carries eight auto lanes;
I‑295 / US 1 / SR 26
Crosses Back Cove
Locale Portland, Maine
Opened 1960

Tukey's Bridge is a bridge connecting the neighborhoods of Munjoy Hill and East Deering in Portland, Maine. It is part of Interstate 295 and Route 1.


Several bridges by the same name have existed connecting the areas.[1][2] The current bridge was completed in 1960 and named for Lemuel Tukey, a tavern owner and tax collector from the Back Cove area of Portland in the late 18th century.[3]


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