Tula language

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Native tonortheastern Nigeria
RegionKaltungo LGA, Gombe State
Native speakers
30,000 (1998)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3tul

Tula (also Kotule or Kitule[3]) is one of the Savanna languages of Gombe State, northeastern Nigeria.


Kleinewillinghöfer (2014) lists 3 Tula dialects.[4]

  • Tula-Wange (Kutule) is possibly the oldest group. There are several hamlets located on the Tula Plateau. The people refer to themselves as Kɪtʊlɛ.[3]
  • Tula-Baule, possibly former Chadic speakers who had shifted to Tula.
  • Tula-Yiri or Yili is the smallest and most divergent group.


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