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Coat of arms of Tuliszków
Coat of arms
Tuliszków is located in Poland
Coordinates: 52°4′36″N 18°17′38″E / 52.07667°N 18.29389°E / 52.07667; 18.29389
Country  Poland
Voivodeship Greater Poland
County Turek
Gmina Tuliszków
 • Total 7.04 km2 (2.72 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 3,393
 • Density 480/km2 (1,200/sq mi)
Postal code 62-740
Website http://www.tuliszkow.pl

Tuliszków [tuˈliʂkuf] is a town in Turek County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland, with 3,406 inhabitants (2004). It was also home to the first Jewish Ghetto established by Nazi Germany during the World War II. The walls for the ghetto were estimated to have been raised in December 1939, or January 1940.

Coordinates: 52°04′35″N 18°17′35″E / 52.07639°N 18.29306°E / 52.07639; 18.29306