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Tullaherin Monastic site

Tullaherin is a townland and parish in County Kilkenny, Ireland.

It is the site of a ninth-century round tower, an 11th-13th century ruined church and two ogham stones. The present church at Tullaherin was built about 1840.[1][note 1] The Tullaherin Folk Museum can be viewed at the old parochial residence. The museum was established by Duchas - Tullaherin Heritage Society - in 1981.[3]


  1. ^ "The church being dedicated to St. Kieran, the name, Tullaherin, was generally supposed to signify the height of Kieran; but it was sometimes pronounced and spelled Tullaherim, which would mean the dry hill, a term certainly descriptive of its peculiar situation, it being elevated ground nearly surrounded by a marsh."[2]


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