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Coordinates: 53°16′42″N 07°22′18″W / 53.27833°N 7.37167°W / 53.27833; -7.37167 The Tullamore transmitter was an AM radio transmission mast located near Tullamore, Ireland. Built in 1975 to replace the Athlone transmitter, it always carried RTÉ Radio 1 on 567 kHz, at 500 kW. The old Athlone mast was used to carry RTÉ 2fm, and later decommissioned.

The entire setup was taken off-line for a time in 2004 for major maintenance, with the Clarkstown transmitter taking over Tullamore's AM broadcast. Tullamore ceased analogue broadcasts permanently on 24 March 2008 [1], as the Clarkstown longwave transmitter provides improved coverage of the UK at the same transmission power.

The antenna, a 290-metre (952') tall guyed mast, is the second tallest structure in Ireland.[1]

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