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Central Tullinge
Tullinge is located in Stockholm
Coordinates: 59°12′N 17°54′E / 59.200°N 17.900°E / 59.200; 17.900Coordinates: 59°12′N 17°54′E / 59.200°N 17.900°E / 59.200; 17.900
Country Sweden
County Stockholm County
Population 16,000 (2,010)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
ISO 3166 code SE
Province Södermanland
Postcode 146 XX
Density is calculated using land area only.

Tullinge is a suburb of Greater Stockholm, Sweden. It is located in the eastern part of Botkyrka Municipality, on the border to the Flemingsberg part of Huddinge Municipality. It had approximately 20,000 inhabitants in 2011.[1]

Tullinge has become known for the Airforce airfield (F18), now closed down and mostly turned into student apartments.

Tullinge is a part of Stockholm commuter rail, which was built in 1968.


Tullinge was first mentioned in connection with the literary peasant Clauus i þulunge, this happened in May 26, 1353 when he did a soil replacement in Botkyrka. This is mentioned in a legal document from the Svarta Löts ting.

The remains of two prehistoric hillforts are present near Tullingesjön: Skansberget and Örnberget. In the 19th century several artifacts from the Bronze Age and Iron Age were found, including one collection named Tullingeskatten (Tullinge treasure) which included two axes and a shard.[citation needed]


Tullinge has seven primary schools and two secondary schools.

Primary schools:

  • Banslättsskolan (F-5)
  • Eklidsskolan (F-5) (built 1947)
  • Falkbergsskolan (6-9)
  • Parkhemsskolan (F-5)
  • Rikstens skola (F-4)
  • Trädgårddsstadsskolan (F-9)
  • Tullingebergsskolan (F-5)

Secondary schools:

  • Tullinge gymnasium
  • Gullvivan gymnasium

Tullinge station[edit]


When western main line was drawn through Tullinge at the end of the 1800s there were no station Tullinge, but when they built the track to double in 1903, they also built a bus stop. 1917 was upgraded to the bus stop station. Tullinge station was moved 1.5 kilometers northeast associated with the building of the new center in Tullinge. The location of the new station was more accessible to residents, and the new location allowed more apartment buildings and townhouses could be built.


Tullinge has a rich sporting life with many sports clubs. Tullinge also has sportgrounds BrantBrinks IP and Lida outdoor facility which is the hub of Tullinge Sport.

Sports Clubs in Tullinge.

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