Tulloch Limited

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Tulloch Limited
Industry Engineering
Founded 1913
Defunct October 1974
Headquarters Rhodes
Products Railway rolling stock
Memorial to Robert Tulloch, presented by members of his family 1945

Tulloch Limited was an Australian engineering and railway rolling stock manufacturer, located at Rhodes, New South Wales.


In 1885 Robert Tulloch founded Phoenix Iron Works in Pyrmont. In 1913 the business was incorporated as Tulloch's Phoenix Iron Works and relocated to Rhodes.[1] It primarily built freight wagons for the New South Wales Government Railways[2] but also built single deck electric carriages for the Sydney suburban network from 1926 until the 1957.[3] During World War II a number of boats were built for the Royal Australian Navy including some 120ft Motor Lighters. In April 1948 the first of four seven-carriage HUB sets was delivered.[4][5]

In the 1950s it commenced building locomotives with 27 Victorian Railways W class diesel hydraulic shunters[6][7] and 13 Commonwealth Railways NT class diesel locomotives delivered.[8][9]

In 1964 Tulloch delivered the first double-decker trailer cars for use in Sydney.[10] After the success of the trailers, Tulloch built four experimental double-decker power cars in 1968, each with electrical equipment from four different manufacturers: English Electric, Toshiba, Hitachi and Mitsubishi, the latter being selected as the supplier for the S class double decker power cars.[11] These four motor cars were each paired with modified matching trailers from the original fleet of 120, and ran as an 8-car set with the target plate S10, giving NSW the first fully double deck Electric Multiple Unit passenger train in the world.[12]

In the 1970s it built 10 New South Wales 1200 class railcars[13] and 2 Victorian Railways DRC class railcars.[14] In October 1974 Tullochs ceased trading.[15][16] The Rhodes Corporate Park has been built on the former site.[17]

In 1988 Skitube Alpine Railway acquired a diesel mechanical locomotive built by Tulloch in 1958 for use as a depot shunter. This small locomotive was believed to have been the first to be built at the Tulloch plant at Rhodes.[18]


Vehicles manufactured by Tulloch Limited include:


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