Tully Falls

Coordinates: 17°47′00″S 145°34′00″E / 17.78333°S 145.56667°E / -17.78333; 145.56667
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Tully Falls
Tully Falls, in 1959
Tully Falls is located in Queensland
Tully Falls
LocationFar North Queensland, Australia
Coordinates17°47′00″S 145°34′00″E / 17.78333°S 145.56667°E / -17.78333; 145.56667[1][2]
TypeHorsetail chute
Elevation673 metres (2,208 ft) AHD[3]
Total height180–210 metres (590–690 ft)[4]
Number of drops1
WatercourseTully River

The Tully Falls, a horsetail chute waterfall on the Tully River, is located in the UNESCO World Heritage–listed Wet Tropics in the Far North region of Queensland, Australia. It formed the eastern boundary of the Dyirbal.

Location and features[edit]

From the Atherton Tableland at an approximate elevation of 673 metres (2,208 ft)[3] above sea level, the falls descend in the range of 180–210 metres (590–690 ft)[4] into the Tully Gorge National Park, near the town of Ravenshoe. Access to the falls is via a 1.6-kilometre (0.99 mi) graded track.[5]

Most of the water that would have otherwise flowed over the falls has been diverted to the Kareeya Hydro Power Station and dammed by Koombooloomba Dam. As a result, the falls flow only during a big wet season.[5]

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