Tulsa Police Department

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Tulsa Police Department
Abbreviation TPD
Agency overview
Formed 1907
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Map of Tulsa Police Department's jurisdiction.
Size 196.8 square miles (510 km2)
Population 399,682 (2014)
General nature • Local civilian agency
Headquarters Tulsa, Oklahoma

Police Officers 742 [1]
Civilians 168
Agency executive
Helicopters 2
TPD Website

The Tulsa Police Department (TPD) is the principal law enforcement agency of the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is nationally accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies[2] It is the second largest municipal law enforcement agency in the state.[citation needed]

The TPD was officially organized in 1907 after the City of Tulsa was incorporated. However, informally, TPD existed as early as 1905.[citation needed]

Organizational structure[edit]

The TPD is organized into a hierarchical structure similar to that of the military.[citation needed] The Chief of Police supervises three Deputy Chief's who are each in charge of a bureau.[citation needed] A bureau consist of three to four divisions. Each division is supervised by a major.[citation needed] The Chief of Police reports to the Mayor of Tulsa.[citation needed]

Tulsa Police Department

  • Chief's Office - Chief Chuck Jordan
    • Administration Bureau- Deputy Chief Eric Dalgleish
      • Information and Technical Services
      • Training Division
      • Headquarters
      • Forensic Lab
    • Investigations Bureau- Deputy Chief Dennis Larsen
      • Detective Division
      • Special Investigations Division
      • Fleet Operations
    • Operations Bureau- Deputy Chief Jonathan Brooks
      • Mingo Valley Division
      • Gilcrease Division
      • Riverside Division
      • Special Operations Division

Uniform Support units include:[3]

  • Air Support
  • K9
  • SOT (Special Operations Team)
  • Bike Patrol
  • Motorcycle Patrol
  • Bomb Squad
  • Special Investigations Unit
  • Cyber-Crimes Unit
  • Dive Team

Tulsa Police Reserve[edit]

Vehicles (Common to Uncommon)[edit]


2009 Dodge Charger

2007 Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Taurus

Police Misc.[edit]

Freightliner MT55 (Special)

Modified Alvis FV 603 Saracen (Special)


Tulsa Police officers carry the Glock Model 22 GEN 4 .40 S&W semi-automatic handgun. Officers were previously issued the Glock Model 22C Gen 3 .40 S&W, the "C" meaning the gun was compensated with two slits in the barrel that would help reduce recoil.[4]

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