Tum-E Yummies

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Tum-E Yummies
Tum-E Yummies logo.png
Type Soft drink
Manufacturer BYB Brands, Inc.
Distributor The Coca-Cola Company
Country of origin  United States
Colour Orange, Dark Blue, Green, Red, Blue
Flavour Orange-arific
Sour-sational Raspberry
Greentastic Apple
Fruitabulous Punch
Very Berry Blue[1]
Website http://www.tumeyummies.com

Tum-E Yummies is a line of fruit-flavored non-carbonated drinks. They have 50 calories, 13g of sugar, 13g of carbohydrates, and are enriched with 100%[clarification needed] vitamin C per bottle. They are available in five flavors: Very Berry Blue, Orange-arific, Fruitabulous Punch, Greentastic Apple, and Sour-sational Raspberry. They are sold in 10.1-ounce sports cap[clarification needed] bottles and are available nationwide.[clarification needed]

The line is manufactured by BYB Brands, Inc. and distributed through the Coca-Cola Bottling network.


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