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Not to be confused with Tumen River.

The Tuman River (Chinese: 吐曼河; pinyin: Tǔmàn Hé; Uyghur: تۇمەن دەرياسى, Тумән Дәряси‎, UYY: Tumən Dəryasi) is a river in Shufu County, Xinjiang, China. The name comes from the Uyghur word "tuman" (تۇمان, Тумән) meaning "fog". The Tuman is a minor tributary of the Tarim Basin. It is 77.6 kilometres (48.2 mi) long and receives the water from 487 square kilometres (188 sq mi) of land.[1] The oasis city of Kashgar is located on the Tuman's south bank.[2]


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