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Revised RomanizationDuman-gangdong

Tumangang-tong (Korean: 두만강동) is a neighbourhood in Sonbong, Rason, North Korea. China–North Korea–Russia tripoint where the borders of the three countries converge. It is also the closest town of North Korea to the border with Russia, being located across the river from the Russian settlement of Khasan and the Chinese settlement of Fangchuancun. The Korea Russia Friendship Bridge connects Tumangang and Khasan and is the sole crossing point on the 17 km long North Korea–Russia border. Trains coming from and going to Russia are handled by Tumangang Station.

Coordinates: 42°25′18″N 130°36′09″E / 42.4216825°N 130.6025505°E / 42.4216825; 130.6025505