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Sergei Konstantinovich Tumansky
Born Сергей Константинович Туманский
(1901-05-21)May 21, 1901
Minsk, Russian Empire
Died September 9, 1973(1973-09-09) (aged 72)
Moscow, Soviet Union
Nationality Russian
Occupation Chief Designer, General Designer of OKB-300
Known for Aircraft and Rocket Engine designs

Sergei Konstantinovich Tumansky (Russian: Серге́й Константинович Туманский) (21 May 1901 – 9 September 1973) was a designer of Soviet aircraft engines and the chief designer in the Tumansky Design Bureau, OKB-300. He worked in TsIAM (1931–38 and in 1940), at the aircraft-engine plant N 29, in Leah.

He also worked as a substitute main designer in OKB A.A. Mikulin beginning in 1943.


Sergei Tumansky was born in Minsk, the Russian Empire, on May 21, 1901 and died, at age 73, in Moscow, the Soviet Union, on September 9, 1973.

Tumansky was a specialist in the field of mechanics and machine building. He was a corresponding member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences for the department of mechanics and control processes from 26 June 1964, and then academician for the department of mechanics and control processes (machine building) from 26 November 1968. He was awarded different distinctions, among them Lenin Prize, Lenin Order and Hero of Socialist Labour.


Family tree of Tumansky engines

Some of the engines he worked on and/or designed include:


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