Tumatumari Landing

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Tumatumari Landing is a small community in the Potaro-Siparuni Region of Guyana, across the Potaro River from Tumatumari, near the Konawaruk Road. The area has a great degree of racial integration. Persons of African descent who represent approximately one-half of the population, moved to the area from Georgetown and Linden during the 1970s to seek employment and have remained. The Amerindians found here are members of the Arawak and Akaweyo tribes.

Gold mining is the primary source of employment in the area. Several shops line the river bank. These shops sell primarily food and liquor. There are also several small restaurants in the area. The cost of living here is high compared to elsewhere in Guyana, with prices practically three times the price of similar commodities in Georgetown.

The Tumatumari Landing area has approximately 20 households. There is a primary school, a health centre and a craft shop. The area is accessible through the Konawaruk Road and the Potaro River.