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Besides "grave" in Spanish, Tumba can refer to:



  • Tumba (music genre) is a native musical form that is played in Aruba and Curaçao. Jan Gerard Palm was the first composer to write Tumbas.
  • Tumba (drum) - a rare kind of thin drum.
  • The tumba is the largest drum of the conga family.
  • Tumba francesa ('French tumba') is the name for a style of music brought from Haiti to Cuba following the Haitian slave rebellion of 1791.
  • Tumba is also the Panamanian colloquial name for a folkloric drum about 3 feet high, a foot across, mounted on a stand. It is struck with the hands.
  • Tumba Sound is a band from Fredericton New Brunswick Canada formed in the summer of 2010.
  • A tumba (or toomba) is a resonator on Indian musical instruments such as the sitar or sarod.




  • Tumba Bruk - the printing company responsible for manufacturing of the Swedish krona banknotes, located in Tumba.
  • Another spelling for Thumba, India's first rocket launching site.
  • Tumba (drink) A Nepalese alcoholic beverage made from fermented millet or other cereals.
  • Tumba (Kongo) are stone figures that the Kongo people placed on the graves of powerful people.