Tumba Peak (Belasica)

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Τούμπα, Тумба
Tumba Belasica IMG 7972.jpg
Tumba Peak
Highest point
Elevation 1,880 m (6,170 ft)
Coordinates 41°20′17″N 22°56′33″E / 41.33806°N 22.94250°E / 41.33806; 22.94250Coordinates: 41°20′17″N 22°56′33″E / 41.33806°N 22.94250°E / 41.33806; 22.94250
Location Bulgaria
Republic of Macedonia
Parent range Belasica

Tumba (Greek: Τούμπα, Bulgarian and Macedonian: Тумба) is a peak in the Belasica mountains in the region of Macedonia. The peak, 1,880 metres (6,170 ft) in height, lies on Belasica's main ridge, west of Lozen Peak and east of Sechena Skala Peak. A dome-shaped mountain with steep southern and northern slopes, Tumba is covered with low subalpine vegetation and is made of metamorphic rock. Tumba is notable as the point where the national borders of Bulgaria, Greece and the Republic of Macedonia meet (tripoint). It is the southwesternmost point of Bulgaria and the southeasternmost point of the Republic of Macedonia.

In Bulgaria, favourable starting points of an ascent are the villages Klyuch, Skrat and Gabrene. In the Republic of Macedonia, these are Smolari and Sharena Cheshma. In Greece these are Platanakia, Kalochori and Kastanoussa. Every August since 2001, an international excursion to the peak is organized under the motto "Balkans Without Borders".

The summit of Tumba, the stone showing 'Ε' for Ελλάδα (Greece) and 'РБ' for Република България (Republic of Bulgaria)


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