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Tumbler may refer to:

Device or object[edit]

  • Tumbler (historically) a drinking glass, originally with a rounded bottom, that could not stand on its own. (hence tumbler)
  • Tumbler (glass), a flat-bottomed beverage container having no handle, foot, or stem, for drinking made of plastic, glass, etc.
  • Compost tumbler, a tumbler for composting
  • Tumbler, part of a Lock
  • Tumbler, a machine for tumble polishing solid material
  • Roly-poly toy, a type of toy that can tumble over and then straighten up by itself
  • Tumbler, the button on top of a chess clock
  • Tumble dryer, for drying clothes



  • Tumbler, the pupal stage of a mosquito
  • Tumbler (pigeon), a pigeon breed known for their particular flight pattern


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