Tumhari Paakhi

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Tumhari Paakhi
Tumhari Paakhi poster.jpg
Based onNaba Bidhan
by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay
Written bySaratchandra Chattopadhyay
Directed byAmit Gupta
Creative director(s)Nitin Dwivedi
Opening themeAjaa Bhola Maaru Tarse by Sunidhi Chauhan
Composer(s)Ritesh Rathore
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes269[2]
CinematographySudesh Kotian
Editor(s)Pankaj Kathpal
Running time20 minutes
Production company(s)Shashi Sumeet Productions
Original networkLife OK
Picture format
Original release11 November 2013 (2013-11-11) –
21 November 2014 (2014-11-21)
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Tumhari Paakhi (English: Your Paakhi) (International Title: Forever Yours) is an Indian soap opera created by Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal and produced under their production banner Shashi Sumeet Productions based on novel Naba Bidhan by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay. The series aired on Life OK which will be premiered on 11 November 2013 to 21 November 2014. [3] The show stars Mohammad Iqbal Khan and Shraddha Arya.[4]


Anshuman (Mohammed Iqbal Khan), owner of Rathore Mansion in Shimla, was married by his father to his friend's daughter, Paakhi (Shraddha Arya) in his childhood. Tension between the two families resulted in them moving away to a different city and Paakhi did not go to her in-laws' house. Anshuman married a girl of his choice when he came of age, but she died in a car accident leaving him with a son, Ayan (Divyam Dama). Time passes and Anshuman decides to marry Tanya (Madhura Naik), the daughter of a rich businessman, for the sake of a business deal. But when the news of his first wife is exposed, he unwillingly has to take Paakhi in to save his image in the business world. As Anshuman wants to marry Tanya, he and his sister, Lavanya (Rukhsar Rehman), try to taunt and bully Paakhi into agreeing to a divorce, but Paakhi, brought up with a traditional value system, doesn't bend. With time Anshuman begins falling in love with her.

When Paakhi realises that it was Anshuman and not just Lavanya who wanted her to go, and not wanting him to be blamed for their divorce, she calls the media and announces that she is the one who wants the divorce to get a part of Rathore property as alimony. Anshuman by this point is trapped in his promise to Tanya's father. As Paakhi prepares to leave Rathore Mansion, her brother-in-law Girish (Sachin Shroff) convinces her Anshuman is in love with her and not with Tanya. He also tells her to not leave as this would shatter Anshuman who would be deserted one more time by a woman he loved, first being his mother and then Ayan's mother. Paakhi returns to Rathore Mansion and asks for a week's challenge in exchange for the divorce. The challenge is that Tanya has to manage the household on a weekly budget.

Tanya wins the challenge, but Anshuman says that he still cannot ask Paakhi to leave as she has become like a real mother to Ayan. It is then revealed that Tanya cheated in the challenge by taking money from Ayan's piggy bank, and that she brainwashed Ayan to believe that Anshuman had killed his first wife so he would side with her. Exposed, Tanya tries to kill Paakhi in her desperation but fails. Anshuman drives Tanya out of the house and declares his love for Paakhi.

For revenge, Tanya creates circumstances leading Anshuman to believe that Paakhi is cheating on him, a sensitive issue for him as his mother had left their family for another man. He confronts and humiliates Paakhi, which causes her to leave. Anshuman realizes that he misunderstood Paakhi and writes to her to come back. Paakhi writes back saying she can't live with him after this incident with a man who didn't trust and respect her. Anshuman visits her village to convince her to return, but she moves to New Delhi. There she meets Devki (Anita Raj), Anshuman's long-lost mother who was banished by his father, accusing her of cheating. It turns out that she too had been falsely accused as a result of a misunderstanding. She reunites her with her son, who then helps him atone and ask forgiveness from Paakhi again. Paakhi forgives him and agrees to return to Shimla with him to restart their life.

Unfortunately, Paakhi's dreams and happiness are destroyed when Anshuman is killed by his younger, look-alike brother, Aryaman (Mohammed Iqbal Khan). Paakhi stops grieving and grows stronger as she realises she has to look after her husband's business and Ayan. Anshuman's cousin Veer Pratap Singh (Veer) (Varun Badola) helps Paakhi and she later marries him under pressure by her family. Paakhi also adopts a troubled teenaged girl named Priya (Jasmine Avasia) who has been thrown out by her father. Veer and Paakhi realise that she will never be able to move on from Anshuman and get a divorce. Paakhi lives with his memories and her kids here on.



  • Shraddha Arya as Paakhi Shekhawat, Anshuman's first wife/widow, Veer's wife
  • Mohammed Iqbal Khan as Anshuman Rathore, Paakhi's first husband/Aryamann Rathore, Anshuman's younger brother
  • Varun Badola as Veer Pratap Singh, Anshuman, Aryamann and Lavanya's cousin, Paakhi's 2nd husband
  • Vivaan Qamar as Paakhi's Love



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