Tumi and the Volume (album)

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Tumi and the Volume
Tumi Volume.jpg
Studio album by Tumi and the Volume
Released 2006
Recorded 2005
Genre Jazz Rap, Hip-Hop, Jazz
Length 67:45
Label District Six Records, Calabash Music
Producer Tumi and the Volume
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Music Industry Online [1]
Eye Weekly [2]
Johannesburg Live [3]
Student Village [4]

Tumi and the Volume, released in December, 2005, is the second album from Tumi and the Volume. It is their first studio album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Ellof – 17:45"
  2. "Floor"
  3. "Bus Stop Confessions"
  4. "Johnny Dyani"
  5. "What It's All About"
  6. "Smile, you on camera" (featuring Ft. Fifi)
  7. "Afrique" (featured in FIFA 08)
  8. "The Story Behind the Pain"
  9. "Signs"
  10. "Oslo"
  11. "Basement"
  12. "Ladies and Gentlemen"
  13. "Learning"
  14. "In a Minute" (featuring Ft. Fifi)
  15. "Bergman's Theory"
  16. "Sticks and Stones"
  17. "These Women"


Producer(s): Tumi and the Volume