Tummy Touch Records

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Tummy Touch Records
Tummy touch logo.gif
Founded 1996
Founder Tim 'Love' Lee
Genre Electronica, trip hop, house, ambient, downtempo, indie pop
Country of origin UK, United States
Location London & New York City
Official website Official website

Tummy Touch Records[1] is an international record label with offices in London, UK and New York City, USA best known for releasing quirky dance and downtempo music. Artists on Tummy Touch include Groove Armada, Patrick & Eugene, Niyi, Tutto Matto, Tom Vek, and label founder Tim Lee.

Tummy Touch Music Group[edit]

Tummy Touch Records is a part of the Tummy Touch Music Group[2] (TTMG). TTMG does production, publishing, licensing, and manages a stock music library in association with KPM Musichouse[3] for commercial uses called Tummy Touch Moods. Tummy Touch Moods artists include Keith Mansfield, Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Parker, and John Cameron.

TTMG oversees the publishing rights to the Katrina And The Waves music catalog which includes the hit "Walking On Sunshine".

Tummy Touch Music Group also works with RAK Records publishing division[4] to put out new and re-released material from the RAK catalog.


Tummy Touch was founded 1996 in the UK by Tim Lee aka Tim 'Love' Lee. Their first release was "The Nightlife EP" - by Stop / E.D.O. (MBTT 001). Groove Armada had their first 12" vinyl release on Tummy Touch in 1997 with "Captain Sensual" (MBTT 003) and "At the River" (TUCH011), which hit 19 on the UK Singles Chart. Groove Armada's first album Northern Star (TUCH 103) also came out on Tummy Touch on 9 March 1998.[5] The label uses Bandcamp extensively to distribute mainly sampler anthologies of its artists.



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