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Tumor-associated glycoprotein 72 (TAG-72) is a glycoprotein found on the surface of many cancer cells, including ovary,[citation needed] breast, colon, lung, and pancreatic cancers.[1][2] It is a mucin-like molecule with a molar mass of over 1000 kDa.[3]

TAG-72 is a tumor marker measured with radioimmunoassays like CA 72-4, which uses the monoclonal antibodies indium (111In) satumomab pendetide and iodine (125I) minretumomab.[4][5][6][7][8] This assay has a good specificity for gastric cancer, with a correlation to the neoplasia's extension. It is used to identify relapses of the disease and to follow up the treatment.

TAG-72 is also the target of the anti-cancer drugs anatumomab mafenatox and minretumomab.


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