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Tunanmarca Archaeological site - storehouse.jpg
The ruins of a storage building at Tunanmarka
Tunanmarca is located in Peru
Shown within Peru
Alternative nameTunan Marca, Siquillapucara
LocationPeru, Junín Region, Jauja Province
Coordinates11°43′12.2″S 75°35′54.9″W / 11.720056°S 75.598583°W / -11.720056; -75.598583Coordinates: 11°43′12.2″S 75°35′54.9″W / 11.720056°S 75.598583°W / -11.720056; -75.598583

Tunanmarca,[1][2][3][4][5] Tunan Marca[1] or Siquillapucara[1] is an archaeological site in Peru. It is located in the Junín Region, Jauja Province, Tunan Marca District. The site was declared a National Cultural Heritage by Resolución Directoral Nacional No. 1359/INC on November 9, 2000.[1]

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