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Tunapuna, with Trincity in the background
Tunapuna, with Trincity in the background
Tunapuna is located in Trinidad and Tobago
Location in Trinidad
Coordinates: 10°38′N 61°23′W / 10.633°N 61.383°W / 10.633; -61.383
Country  Trinidad and Tobago
Region Tunapuna-Piarco
Time zone UTC -4 (UTC-4)

Tunapuna is a town in the East-West Corridor of the island of Trinidad, in Trinidad and Tobago.


Tunapuna is located between St. Augustine, Tacarigua and Trincity. Tunapuna is the largest town between San Juan and Arima.[1] It is an important market[1] and commercial centre, and is the seat of the Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation. The Tunapuna Parliamentary seat is a marginal, hence popular wisdom dictates: "if you win Tunapuna, you win the elections".[1]


For over one hundred years, Tunapuna has been a Carnival venue. Each year this regional carnival, which is a showcase for traditional and conventional mas, steel band, and stick fighting, is organised by the Tunapuna Carnival Committee.[2]

Notable people[edit]

The renowned writer and scholar, C.L.R. James was born and is buried here, and popular 1950s pianist Winifred Atwell was born here. The song Tuna Puna Trinidad was the B-side of a single released by Petula Clark in 1955.[3] Songwriter, composer, writer and director Donald Heywood, best remembered for composing "I'm Coming Virginia" in 1926, which became a hit for Ethel Waters. was born in Tunapuna in 1896.[4]

Coordinates: 10°38′N 61°23′W / 10.633°N 61.383°W / 10.633; -61.383


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