Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon

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Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon
Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon Medal.jpg
2010 Finishers Medal
Date February
Location Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
Event type Road
Distance Half Marathon
Established 1983
Course records 1:04:15
Official site [1]

The Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon is a half marathon road running event that takes place in Tunbridge Wells every February. It is organised by the Tunbridge Wells Harriers running club.

The first Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon was staged in 1983, with just 53 runners.[1] The race came in at number 38 in Runner's World's top 50 races of 2007,[2] and was given a rating of 83 out of 100 by members of the magazine's forum.[3] The magazine said that "The historical villages and the undulating course make for a great race".[4] In 2008 the race attracted over 1,500 entrants.

The race is run on a single 13.1 miles (21.1 km) circuit through Tunbridge Wells and some of the nearby villages. It starts at the Tunbridge Wells Sports Centre on St John's Road, and follows the A26 through Southborough, the B2176 along Bidborough Ridge, the B2188 through Penshurst and Fordcombe and the A264 through Langton Green before rejoining the A26 to return to the finish line at the Sports Centre.

Elite race winners[edit]

Key:   Course record


Year Athlete Nationality Time
2017 Connor, JamesJames Connor  United Kingdom 1:08:50
2016 Martelletti, PaulPaul Martelletti  New Zealand 1:08:30
2015 Bradley, DanielDaniel Bradley  United Kingdom 1:12:56
2014 Cole, BenBen Cole  United Kingdom 1:11:11
2013 Payn, TomTom Payn  United Kingdom 1:07:11
2012 Hagos, YaredYared Hagos  Ethiopia 1:04:15
2011 Greenleaf, AndyAndy Greenleaf  United Kingdom 1:09:24
2010 Moreau, BenBen Moreau  United Kingdom 1:09:11
2009 Neuschwander, FlorianFlorian Neuschwander  Germany 1:08:49
2008 Noad, BenjaminBenjamin Noad  United Kingdom 1:09:48
2007 Levett, WilliamWilliam Levett  United Kingdom 1:11:15
2006 Rendall, JulianJulian Rendall  United Kingdom 1:13:56
2005 No event held
2004 Rendall, JulianJulian Rendall  United Kingdom 1:12:51
2003 Lee, AllanAllan Lee  United Kingdom 1:12:31
2002 Graffin, AndrewAndrew Graffin  United Kingdom 1:10:39
2001 Smith, DarrellDarrell Smith  United Kingdom 1:11:26
2000 McDonald, ScottScott McDonald  United Kingdom 1:13:42
1999 Royden, BarryBarry Royden  United Kingdom 1:05:33


Tunbridge Wells on a map of UK
Year Athlete Nationality Time
2017 Heslop, MariaMaria Heslop  United Kingdom 1:22:29
2016 Heslop, MariaMaria Heslop  United Kingdom 1:23:43
2015 Heather-Hayes, AliceAlice Heather-Hayes  United Kingdom 1:22:35
2014 Heslop, MariaMaria Heslop  United Kingdom 1:21:17
2013 McDermot, DeirdreDeirdre McDermot  United Kingdom 1:21:58
2012 Davies, HelenHelen Davies  United Kingdom 1:12:41
2011 Yelling, LizLiz Yelling  United Kingdom 1:13:56
2010 Decker, HelenHelen Decker  United Kingdom 1:18:37
2009 Oldershaw, TinaTina Oldershaw  United Kingdom 1:22:57
2008 Oldershaw, TinaTina Oldershaw  United Kingdom 1:23:12
2007 Dennis, EmmaEmma Dennis  United Kingdom 1:27:55
2006 Heathcote, MirandaMiranda Heathcote  United Kingdom 1:24:25
2005 No event held
2004 Oldershaw, TinaTina Oldershaw  United Kingdom 1:25:10
2003 Oldershaw, TinaTina Oldershaw  United Kingdom 1:25:33
2002 Farr, KristinaKristina Farr  United Kingdom 1:26:24
2001 Green, AndreaAndrea Green  United Kingdom 1:15:36
2000 Oldershaw, TinaTina Oldershaw  United Kingdom 1:20:13
1999 Moorekite, JaniceJanice Moorekite  United Kingdom 1:23:20


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