Tunchang County

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Tunchang County
Tunchang County is located in Hainan
Tunchang County
Tunchang County
Location in Hainan
Coordinates: 19°21′58″N 110°9′54″E / 19.36611°N 110.16500°E / 19.36611; 110.16500
Country China
Province Hainan
Population (1999)
 • Total 250,059
Time zone China standard time (UTC+8)

Tunchang County is one of four counties of Hainan Province, People's Republic of China. Its postal code is 571600, and in 1999 its population was 250,059 people. The administrative seat lies at Tuncheng.

There are four main attractions in this county: The Muse Lake, The Standard Model Deer Farm, Shi Xia Hairui Ancestral Home and the Wolong Mountain.

In 1983, a company from Guangxi Province[citation needed], southern China, moved to Tunchang and started raising geoemydid turtles on a farm.[1] They have since moved to a place near Sanya, which is closer to the ocean.

Tunchang deer farm


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Coordinates: 19°21′58″N 110°09′54″E / 19.366°N 110.165°E / 19.366; 110.165