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Tundra Publishing
Comic publisher
Industry Comics
Founded 1990
Founder Kevin Eastman
Defunct 1993
Headquarters Northampton, Massachusetts

Tundra Publishing was a Northampton, Massachusetts-based comic book publisher founded by Kevin Eastman in 1990.[1]


Tundra was founded to provide a venue for adventurous, creator-owned work by talented cartoonists and illustrators. Its publications were noted in the trade for their high production values, including glossy paper stock, full-color printing, and square binding. Notable works released by Tundra include:

Tundra had been prepared to take over publication of Alan Moore's troubled Big Numbers series before it was aborted.

Tundra UK[edit]

In 1991 a British arm of the company, Tundra UK, opened in London. Led by Dave Elliott, an editor at Deadline and a founder of Atomeka Press, the UK branch worked with creators already on board with Tundra in the US as well as developing new projects. Tundra UK's titles included:


Despite its ambitious start, Tundra never became a profitable enterprise. It closed its doors in 1993 after burning through $14 million in three years.[2] Kitchen Sink Press acquired its holdings;[3] it reprinted popular Tundra publications such as Understanding Comics and continued to publish some Tundra series such as Taboo.


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