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Tung-Sol Corporate Logo

Tung-Sol was a manufacturer of lamps and vacuum tubes in Newark, New Jersey.[1]

Tung-Sol developed the first successful car headlight in 1907[citation needed] and the first two filament high and low beam headlight in a single bulb in 1913[citation needed]. Tung-Sol was also responsible for the first flashing turn signal[citation needed].

In the 1920s they entered the electronics field. They were leaders along with RCA in the development of sophisticated, statistical quality control systems. Tung-Sol created the 6550 vacuum tube, conceived and developed for Hi-Fi in 1955.

Current production Russian Tung-Sol 5881 Vacuum Tube

Tung-Sol was a privately held company and was run like a laboratory. This gave Tung Sol vacuum tubes a reputation of having some of the best metallurgy and chemistry that has ever been pulled off in actual production.[1] The Tung Sol brand name is now owned by the New Sensor Corporation, which is the same parent company as Sovtek and the old Electro-Harmonix.[2]


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