Yung Shue Ha

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Yung Shue Ha from the Tung O Wan ferry pier.

Yung Shue Ha (Chinese: 榕樹下; literally: "under the banyan tree") is a village on the south side of Lamma Island, Hong Kong. It is across the bay (Tung O Wan) from the village of Tung O. Both villages are sparsely populated and many places are abandoned.


A small Hung Shing shrine is located at the far western end of the beach between Yung Shue Ha and Tung O.


Yung Shue Ha can be reached by ferry from Sok Kwu Wan via walking trail. At the north end of Sok Kwu Wan by the Tin Hau Temple is a very steep walking trail that leads to Yung Shue Ha via Tung O. It can also be reached by walking 25 minutes on a relatively flat trail from Mo Tat Wan village. A ferry service from Aberdeen, in the southern part of Hong Kong island, stops in Mot Tat Wan before going on to Sok Kwu Wan. In addition, a "sampan" or water taxi service from Aberdeen is available for a price of approximately 180HKD or $23.40 USD. Due to the currents in the area only a few water taxis will take passengers to the village.

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