Tungi, Bihar

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A statue from the Ancient Siva Temple, Tungi.
A Villager is offering his prayer to lord Surya(sun).

Tungi (earlier names Tunga (apex), or Tungiya (as versed in Jain texts)] is a village in Nalanda district in Bihar, India.


According to Jain Agamas, Tungi could be the place[citation needed] where Mahavir established his superiority over Parshvanth followers and then became 24th Tirthankar. Shiva Purana also describes about the Baba Bileshvaranath Shivalinga temple near the pond here. The statues of deities are dated back to the times of lord Buddha.

The village is predominantly populated by Rajputs, Kurmi & other Hindus[citation needed]. On the occasion of Maha Shivaratri, villagers altogether conduct a puja being performed at the temple. The next day there is a fair organised every year.