Tunisian constitutional referendum, 2002

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A constitutional referendum was held in Tunisia on 26 May 2002. The amendments to the constitution would abolish the three-term limit for incumbent presidents and raise the age limit of a sitting president from 70 to 75.[1] A second parliamentary chamber (Chamber of Advisors) was introduced.

The changes were reportedly approved by 99.52% of voters, with a 95.59% voter turnout,[2] but the results were denounced by the opposition as a masquerade.[1]


Tunisian constitutional referendum, 2002
Choice Votes  %
Referendum passed Yes 3,462,177 99.52
No 16,642 0.48
Valid votes 3,478,819 99.85
Invalid or blank votes 5,172 0.15
Total votes 3,483,991 100.00
Source: POGAR