Tunisian parliamentary election, 1986

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Parliamentary elections were held in Tunisia on 2 November 1986. The Socialist Destourian Party and the Tunisian General Labour Union, which had run in the previous election under the National Front banner, were joined in a Patriotic Union alliance by the employers', farmers' and women's unions.[1] All opposition parties boycotted the election, and only 15 independents remained, although they also pulled out prior to election day.

As a result, the Patriotic Union won all 125 seats.[1] Voter turnout was 82.94%.


Summary of the 2 November 1986 Tunisian Chamber of Deputies election results
Parties Votes % Seats +/-
Patriotic Union (PSD-UGTT) 125 -11
Independents - -
Valid votes 2,165,057 99.5 125 -11
Blank or invalid votes 10,036 0.5
Total 2,175,093 100.0
Voter turnout 82.9
Electorate 2,622,482
Source: Nohlen et al.


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