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Location of Tunjuelito within Bogotá

Tunjuelito is the 6th locality of the Capital District of the Colombian capital city, Bogotá. Tunjuelito is located to the south of Bogotá, bordering to the north with the localities of Bosa, Kennedy and Puente Aranda, to the east with the localities of Rafael Uribe Uribe and Usme, to the south with Usme and to the west with Ciudad Bolívar.


  • Height: 2,502 m. over sea level.
  • Latitude: 04º 34' 00" N
  • Longitude: 074º 07' 59" O

Places to visit[edit]

In the locality, there are important locations such as Parque El Tunal y la Biblioteca El Tunal, part of Biblored's network of libraries.


Neighborhoods: Tunjuelito, El Tunal, San Benito, San Vicente Ferrer, Fátima, El Carmen, San Carlos, Muzú, Venecia, Isla del Sol and La Sevillana.


The main entrance to Tunjuelito is through the Caracas Avenue and the City of Villavicencio Avenue, which is also served by a Transmilenio route, with a station named Portal del Tunal (Line H) also receiving subroutes from the Calle 40 Sur Station and Portal del Tunal. besides Transmilenio other transportation companies cover the route Autopista Sur (south highway), Diagonal 44 South Street, Carrera 24th and the Jorge Gaitán Cortés Avenue.

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Coordinates: 4°34′56″N 74°07′55″W / 4.58222°N 74.13194°W / 4.58222; -74.13194