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Ghana Tunka Manin (1010–1078) was a ruler of the Ghana Empire who reigned from 1062 to 1076 C.E.[1] Preceded by Ghana Bassi, Manin was the last ruler of the Ghana Empire.

Manin successfully held off the Almoravid attacks on the Ghana Empire, and even expanded it farther. Al-Bakri noted that Manin controlled some 200,000 warriors.[2] However, in 1076, the Almoravids succeeded in destroying the capitol of Kumbi Saleh and therefore taking over rule of the former empire.

Manin is renowned for his involvement with the local communities, and also for his success economically, as he increased trade, especially that of salt, greatly within the empire. Manin is said to have surrounded himself with an air of divinity and magic, which he used to motivate his people to protect him well.[3] Manin was known to display his wealth by decking himself out in gold, ivory, and other precious materials.[citation needed] The people in Manin's town admired him for being a constitutional leader, and for defeating the Almoravid armies.