Tunnel B1

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Tunnel B1
Tunnel B1 Cover.jpg
North American PlayStation cover art
Developer(s) NEON Software
Microcabin (Saturn)[1]
Designer(s) Antony Christoulakis
Jan Joeckel
Boris Triebel
Artist(s) Andreas Samland
Leif Rumbke
Composer(s) Chris Hülsbeck
Platform(s) DOS
Sega Saturn
Release DOS
  • EU: October 1996
  • JP: 4 October 1996
  • NA: 31 October 1996
  • EU: January 1997
  • NA: 15 January 1997
  • JP: 29 August 1997
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player

Tunnel B1 is a sci-fi first person shooter developed by NEON Software and published by Ocean Software in 1996. It features a soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck of Turrican fame.

The PlayStation and Sega Saturn ports were released in Japan as 3D Mission Shooting: Finalist (3Dミッション・シューティング ファイナリスト).


The player character travels through a set of precarious tunnels in a high-tech hovercraft. The tunnels are filled with enemy vehicles, choppers and sentry guns which the player has to take out or avoid. Many sections require the player to clear them in a given time limit. The player can upgrade their weaponry.


NEON Software began by working on a game which alternated between segments in a hovercraft and segments in a helicopter, both running on the same game engine. Publisher Ocean Software felt the two play styles did not work well together and suggested that they split them into two separate games. The helicopter segments became Viper, while the hovercraft segments became Tunnel B1.[2]

A demonstration at the April 1996 European Computer Trade Show impressed crowds, and Sony Computer Entertainment subsequently purchased the rights to publish Tunnel B1 and Viper for the PlayStation in North America.[3]

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