Painted treeshrew

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Painted treeshrew
Scientific classification
T. picta
Binomial name
Tupaia picta[2]
Thomas, 1892
Painted Treeshrew area.png
Painted treeshrew range

The painted treeshrew (Tupaia picta) is a treeshrew species of the family Tupaiidae.[2]

The first specimen was described by Oldfield Thomas and was part of a zoological collection from northern Borneo obtained by the British Museum of Natural History.[3]

Range and habitat[edit]

The painted treeshrew is endemic to Borneo and inhabits the forests of Brunei, Kalimantan, and Sarawak.[1] It usually lives at lower elevations, below 300 meters, but some specimens have been found at elevations hundreds of meters higher. Although the painted treeshrew is not a threatened species, it still suffers from loss of habitat.[1]


The painted treeshrew's diet consists mainly of fruits and insects.


The painted treeshrew has a body length of a little bit over 7 inches (18.5 centimeters) and a slightly shorter tail length, making it one of the smaller treeshrews in its genus. Most of its body is a rather dull color compared to other related species, consisting of mostly grayish olive, with a few yellow spots. However, its chin and chest are brighter colored, consisting of mostly orange and yellow. It also has a black stripe on its back.[3]


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