Turów Coal Mine

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Turów coal mine
Location Bogatynia
Lower Silesian Voivodeship
Country Poland
Products Coal, Aggegates, Clay
Production 27,700,000
Opened 1904
Company Polska Grupa Energetyczna

The Turów coal mine (Polish: Kopalnia Węgla Brunatnego Turów S.A.) or KWB Turów, is a large open pit mine in the southwest of Poland, located outside Bogatynia, Lower Silesia.

Situated 55 km west of Jelenia Góra, 80 km east of Dresden, Germany, and 20 km northwest of Liberec, Czech Republic, the Turów mine forms a part of an area widely known as the "Black Triangle" due to its past heavy industrial pollution, covering portions of eastern Germany, southwestern Poland and northern Czech Republic.[1] The Turów mine, operated by Polska Grupa Energetyczna, represents one of the largest lignite reserves in Poland, with an estimated reserve of 760 million tonnes in coal.[2] The annual coal production of Turów is around 27.7 million tonnes.

Turow coal mine seen from west in 2012
Panorama of Turow coal mine


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