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Turbina (Terbine)
Directed by Otakar Vávra
Produced by Otakar Vávra
Written by Otakar Vávra
Music by Jiří Srnka
Cinematography Václav Hanuš
Distributed by Slavia
Release date
  • 1941 (1941)
Running time
96 minutes
Country Czechoslovakia
Language Czech

Turbina is a black-and-white Czech drama film. It was released in 1941. It was filmed by director Otakar Vávra, based on a novel by Karel Matěj Čapek-Chod.

The film takes place in the 19th century, when the Council of the imperial family is experiencing a transition from traditional social values to the new social order, which it does not understand, but must face up to.



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