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Turbo Modula-2 was both a compiler and an Integrated Development Environment for the Modula-2 programming language running on MS-DOS, developed by Borland, but never released by them. Instead, a group including Borland cofounder Niels Jensen, acting as Jensen and Partners, bought the unreleased codebase and redeveloped and released it as TopSpeed Modula-2. TopSpeed was eventually sold to Clarion, now owned by SoftVelocity, which still offers the Modula-2 compiler as part of its Clarion product line.

Turbo Modula-2 for Z80 CP/M was briefly marketed by Echelon, Inc. under license from Borland. A companion release for Hitachi HD64180 was marketed by Micromint, Inc. as a development tool for their SB-180 single-board computer.

Turbo Modula-2 also is the name of another compiler for Amiga computers written by Amritpal Mann. It is a single pass compiler coming with some language extensions (e.g. the possibility to write definition modules for C libraries).

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