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Turbulence Records debut release was the 2005 club hit by Paradise. Since then, the record label has continued to grow/develop with a string of club hits and an ever growing roster. Set up by Russell Biles and Anthony Yeates in late 2005, the team is made up of key members including Stuart Connor, Stuart Donaghy amongst others. went on to feature on half a dozen Ministry of Sound albums and was then signed to AATW (All Around the World Productions) in 2007. Many other Turbulence releases have been signed to AATW and have featured on their market leading Clubland albums.

In 2010, Turbulence launched their 'Anthems' album series. Released digitally and TV advertised this album featured all the biggest tracks on the label to date. Label mates include Digital Devotion,Trinity, Ultimate Devotion, Future Freakz, The Beat Commanders, and Digital Rush.

Current artists[edit]

  • Trinity
  • Beat Commanders
  • Future Freakz
  • Ultimate Devotion
  • Vince Nysse
  • Audiolush
  • Digital Devotion
  • Dizzy Deejays
  • Nysse & Hinton
  • Digital Rush
  • Digital Kidz
  • KB Protect



  • Kenny Hayes / Title: Daybreaker / Cat No: TURB:002
  • Ian Van Dahl / Title: Inspiration / Cat No: TURB:003
  • Trinity / Title: Like The Sun / Cat No: TURB:004
  • Lasgo / Title: All Night Long / Cat No: TURB:005
  • Nysse & Hinton / Title: Silver Water / Cat No: TURB:007
  • Audiolush / Title: Feel The Power / Cat No: TURB:008
  • Future Freakz / Title: A Week Ago / Cat No: TURB:009
  • Digital Devotion / Title: Heaven / Cat No: TURB:010
  • Pulsonix / Title: Lift Me Up / Cat No: TURB:011
  • Trinity / Title: Turn To Me / Cat No: TURB:012
  • Audiolush / Title: Take Me Away / Cat No: TURB:013
  • Ultimate Devotion / Title: Think Of You / Cat No: TURB:014
  • Beat Patrol / Title: Live For Tonight / Cat No: TURB:015
  • Beat Commanders / Title: Take A Chance / Cat No: TURB:016
  • 8-Beat Heart / Title: Make A Move / Cat No: TURB:017


  • Turbulence 'Anthems' / Cat No: TURBA001
  • THC 'Anthems' / Cat No: THCA:001

See also: Turbulence Hardcore for their Hardcore releases.

Turbulence Team[edit]

  • Russell Biles - Label Manager / Director
  • Anthony Yeates - Director / Company Secretary
  • Stuart Donaghy - Office Manager

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