Turceni Power Station

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Turceni Power Station
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Plant south cooling towers and all smokestacks viewed from the east
Turceni Power Station is located in Romania
Turceni Power Station
Location of Turceni Power Station in Romania
Official name Complexul Energetic Turceni
Country Romania
Location Gorj County
Coordinates 44°40′11″N 23°24′28″E / 44.66972°N 23.40778°E / 44.66972; 23.40778Coordinates: 44°40′11″N 23°24′28″E / 44.66972°N 23.40778°E / 44.66972; 23.40778
Status Operational
Commission date 1978
Owner(s) Termoelectrica
Thermal power station
Primary fuel sub-bituminous coal
Cooling source Jiu River
7 ×  natural draft cooling towers
Power generation
Units operational 5 × 330 MW
1 × 330 MW (mothballed)
Units cancelled 1 × 330 MW
Units decommissioned 1 × 330 MW
Nameplate capacity 1,650 MW
2011 output 7,367 GW·h

The Turceni Power Station is situated in Gorj County (South-Western Romania), on the banks of the Jiu River, half way between the cities of Craiova and Târgu Jiu.

It is Romania's largest electricity producer and one of the large thermal power plants in Europe having 6 units of 309 MW net each. But only 5 units are operational, thus totalling a capacity of 1,545 MW. An eighth unit was not completed, but dismantled. One unit was decommissioned and a second unit was refurbished and mothballed.

It uses coal from Jilţ Coal Mine and Tehomir underground mine.[1]

The powerplant has four smokestacks, each 280 metres (920 ft) tall.


The project envisaged eight units 309 MW net each. The first seven units entered service from 1978 to 1987. The eighth unit was not commissioned and later dismantled. Unit 2 was later decommissioned. Unit 6 was refurbished and mothballed. Unit 4 and 5 were afterwards refurbished.

Design and specification[edit]

Each unit is composed of a boiler, a turbine and a generator. The Babcock licensed boiler, of the tower forced circulation type and intermediate overheating is rated at 1,035 t steam per hour. Slag and ash is hydraulic removed. The boiler temperature output is 540 °C (1,004 °F) at 199 bars (2,890 psi). The steam turbine drives a synchronous hydrogen cooled Alsthom/ABB licensed generator, which delivers 309 MW net, 330 MW gross power. Cooling water is provided by the Jiu River and condenser cooling is delivered by 7 × natural draft cooling towers in countercurrent.


The plant supply is connected by 6 × 110 kV lines and ouput goes to 4 × 400 kV lines through 24 × 400 kV transformers.

Unit Commissioned Status
Turceni - 1 July 1978 operational
Turceni - 2 August 1979 decommissioned
Turceni - 3 August 1980 operational
Turceni - 4 December 1981 refurbished, operational
Turceni - 5 August 1983 refurbished, operational
Turceni - 6 September 1985 refurbished, mothballed
Turceni - 7 November 1987 operational
Turceni - 8 - cancelled


Starting 2012, production data is given by Autorităţii Naţionale de Reglementare în domeniul Energiei (National Regulatory Authority for Energy) as part of S.C. Complexul Energetic Oltenia S.A. generation, together with the Rovinari, Ișalnița and Craiova plants.

Year GW·h Year GW·h[2]
2012 - 2007 6,702
2011 7,367 2006 6,883
2010 6,167 2005 5,675
2009 6,220 2004 5,684
2008 7,681 2003 6,799

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