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The Turetsky Men's Chorus
Male choir under the direction of Michael Turetsky
From left to right: Oleg Blyahorchuk, Evgeny Tulinov, Vyacheslav Fresh, Konstantin Kabo, Mikhail Kuznetsov, Mikhaill Turetsky, Alex Alexandrov, Boris Goryachev, Evgeny Kulmis and Igor Zverev, performing at the Green Theater (Moscow), 2011.
Background information
OriginMoscow, Russia
GenresVocal, Crossover, A cappella
Years active1989 (1989) - present
MembersMikhail Turetsky
Evgeny Tulinov
Mikhail Kuznetsov
Alex Alexandrov
Evgeny Kulmis
Boris Goryachev
Oleg Blyahorchuk
Igor Zverev
Konstantin Kabo
Vyacheslav Fresh
Pavel Berkut
Avi Grigoryan
Past membersArthur Keish, Valentin Suhodolets

Turetsky Choir (Russian: Хор Турецкого) (art group) is a Russian men's a cappella ensemble and musical collective under the direction of Mikhail Turetsky. Their voices range from tenore contraltino to basso profundo.


The Turetsky Men's Choir was established at the Moscow Choral Synagogue. The chorus made its debut in 1990 with Jewish liturgical and folk music in the philharmonic halls of Tallinn and Kaliningrad. Their repertoire has grown since to include opera, spiritual, folk and pop music in ten different languages. It has been a vehicle throughout Russia for renewed interest in Jewish heritage, having resurrected music that had been near extinction since 1917 is and is now a staple throughout Russia's synagogues.

In his blog "Teruah Jewish Music" Jack Zaientz wrote, "I don't know if any of the choir members, including Turetsky, are Jewish or what being Jewish might mean to them ... And I'm not sure how much it matters. Seeing a bunch of seriously good male vocalists singing Jewish music to a huge crowd of Russians, in the face of the centuries of discrimination that Russian Jews have faced, does my heart proud."[1]

"Very few people were interested in that kind of music at the time, and no one at all in the post-Soviet countries… … … So when I got an opportunity, I did some research in libraries in New York and Jerusalem and discovered this profound, diverse, and very stylish kind of music that was accessible at a basic human level… … … We understood that we had to have a broader scope and began to include secular material in our programs… … … Today, our repertoire contains music from the last four centuries – from Handel to Soviet pop hits, chanson, and the best examples of contemporary pop culture…"

Mikhail Turetsky, leader[2]


  • 1989 — Chorus formed by Mikhail Turetsky at the Moscow Choral Synagogue.
  • 1990 — With financial support from the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the choir made its official debut at the Moscow Choral Synagogue. The Choir gave its first concerts in Kaliningrad, Tallinn, Chisinau, Kiev, Leningrad, Moscow and other cities.
  • 1991–1992 — Performances in the United States. The Choir sang in Washington, D.C. for Congress at the Chanukah celebration, the Park East Synagogue in New York, and at Carnegie and Merkin Halls. They were invited to sing in Spain at the "Por Me Espiritu" international festival, commemorating the 500th year since the Spanish expulsion of the Jews.
  • 1993–1994 — Tours in England, Israel, United States, Poland. In 1993, the American Cantor Association awarded Mikhail Turetsky the Golden Crown of the Cantors of the World Award.
  • 1995–1996 — The Choir split into two parts. One part stayed in Moscow; the other went to Miami, Florida to work at Temple Emmanu-El Synagogue. The Choir performed together with Julio Iglesias. The repertoire of the Choir grew to include folk songs, opera arias, Broadway classics, jazz pieces . When the group returned to Moscow, were named the city's official Jewish choir by Mayor Yuri Lujkov.
  • 1997 — The group took part in over 100 concerts in Iosif Kobzon's Russian farewell tour and was recognized as a State Choir.
  • 1998–1999 — The Choir toured the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, and the United States. During the choir's stay in the US, February 6 was proclaimed the Moscow Jewish Choir Day.
  • 2000–2001 — Joint tour with Iosif Kobzon. Performances in Israel, the USA, Australia, Germany, and the CIS. The choir performed on the stage of the Moscow State Variety Theatre.
  • 2002 — Mikhail Turetsky received the title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation" for his achievements in the arts.[3]
  • 2002–2003 — Touring the United States and Europe.
  • January 2004 — The first performance under the name Turetsky Choir Art Group. The program, "The Ten Voices that Overwhelmed the World," brought Mikhail an award in the category "Cultural Event of the Year" of the national "Man of the Year Award."
  • December 2004 — The choir presented the program "When Men Are Singing" in the State Kremlin Palace with the participation of Emma Shapplin and Gloria Gaynor.
  • January 2005 — Performances in concert halls of the United States in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Boston, Chicago.
  • 2005–2006 — The anniversary tour "Born to Sing" visited more than 100 cities in Russia and the CIS.
  • 2006–2007 — The choir toured 70 cities in Russia and the CIS with the program "Music of All Times and Peoples."
  • 2007 — The choir received the Russian Music Award "Record 2007" for the best classical album of the year (the collector's edition of Great Music). It was also recognized for the children's charity concert "Be Kind-Hearted Today!". The concert for a group for children in the State Kremlin Palace occurred March 27 with support of the Moscow’s Government and the Committee of Culture of the Moscow. More than 5,000 children (gifted and talented children, children from a socially disadvantaged background and those from families having many children, children with disabilities) attended. The choir received a National "Emotion" Award in the category "Respect".[4]
  • 2007–2008 — "Hallelujah to Love" Tour around Russia and the CIS. The choir performed four times at the Kremlin and had another concert at State Concert Hall "Rossiya" (ru: ГЦКЗ "Россия"), in Luzhniki.
  • 2008–2009 — Touring Russia, the CIS, and the USA with the new program "And the Show Goes On..."
  • 2010–2011 — anniversary tour "20 years: 10 voices"
  • 2011 — tour "The beginning" starts.


Soloist Started to sing in the choir
Mikhail Turetsky — tenor, National Artist of the Russian Federation, founder and the leader.

Born in Moscow in 1962. He received a degree in Choir Conducting from the Gnesins' Academy of Music. Following an internship as a symphonic conductor, he conducted at the Children's Chapel, the Political Song Ensemble and the choir of the Yuri Sherling Theater.

Alex Alexandrov — dramatic baritone.

Born in Moscow in 1972. He graduated from the Choral Singing College named after Sveshnikov and The Gnesins' Academy of Music. Alex is also an assistant choreographer. Many of the dance pieces in the choir's concerts were staged with his help. He is at home in the style of pop stars like Toto Cutugno and Boris Moiseev.

Evgeny Kulmisbasso profundo, director of the choir in the past, poet.

Born near the city of Chelyabinsk in the Southern Urals in 1966. He began as a pianist. He graduated Gnessins Russian Music Academy and then became a postgraduate specializing in musicology. Evgeny Kulmis is the author of poems and translations of selected musical compositions executed by the choir. For example, he wrote the text accompanying the original compositions in "Twilight" by the Electric Light Orchestra.

Evgeny Tulinov — dramatic tenor, Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation, assistant art director and a professional choir conductor.

Born in Moscow in 1964. He graduated from the Music College at the Moscow Conservatory and from The Gnesins' Academy of Music. In his first student years, Tulinov sang liturgy in the Church of Saint John the Warrior, conducted the choir at the Recreation Centre and sang in the Male Chamber Choir conducted by V. M. Rybin.

Mikhail Kuznetsovtenor altino, Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation.

Born in Moscow in 1962, Kuznetsov graduated from The Gnesins' Academy of Music. He then sang in the Moscow Chamber Choir conducted by Vladimir Minin and in the Male Choir of the publishing department of the magazine Moscow Patriarchy.

Oleg Blyahorchuk, lyric tenor, instrumentalist (piano, guitar, accordion, melodica).

Born in 1966 in Minsk, Belarus. He studied at the Minsk Musical College. After college, he entered the Minsk State Conservatoire with a specialty in choral conducting. He worked in the choir of the Belarus Radio and TV Company, where the main conductor was V.V. Rovdo, a student of People's Artist of the USSR A.V. Sveshnikov. Blyahorchuk then became a soloist of the concert orchestra of the Republic of Belarus under the leadership of Mikhail Finberg.

Igor Zverevbass

Born in 1968, in Moscow Region. He graduated from The Department of Choral Conducting of the Moscow Academy of Arts and Culture. He worked as a professional singer in the Academic Song and Dance Company of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation and then in the Polyansky's State Academic Symphonic Capella.

Boris Goryachev — lyric baritone

Born in Moscow in 1971. Graduated from the Moscow Conservatory. Boris Goryachev worked in the Men's Chamber Choir "Akathist" under the management AV Malyutin. The group performed Russian spiritual music, which was then new and popular. In 1995 Goryachev joined the choir "Peresvet" as well as performing in his own quartet spiritual and Russian folk music. Started singing with the Turetsky Choir in 2003.

Konstantin Kabo — baritone tenor

Born in Moscow in 1974. Graduated from Sveshnikov Musical College and The Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS). He sang in musicals including "Nord-Ost", "12 Chairs", "Romeo and Juliet", "Mama Mia". He also wrote the music for the program "The Circus on Ice".

Vyacheslav Freshcounter-tenor.

Born in Moscow in 1982. He graduated from the Department of Music and Fine Arts of J. Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany.



High Holidays (Jewish religious songs)
  1. Ma Tovu
  2. Hashkivenu
  3. Torah Service
  4. Ki Lekach Tov
  5. B’rosh Ha Sho No
  6. Hayom Haras Olom
  7. Shehecheyonu
  8. V’al Yde Avodecho
  9. Hajjom T’ammezenu
  10. Kol Nidrei
  11. L’chu N’ranenoh
  12. Eil' Melech Yosheiv
  13. Himmoze Lonu
  14. Kionu Ammecho
  15. Classidic Kaddish
  1. Shiru Shalom
  2. Ismechu
  3. Ich Hob Dir
  4. Russian Mood
  5. Memory («Cats»)
  6. A Byssele Mazl
  7. Подмосковные Вечера
  8. Sunrise, Sunset (Fiddler on the Roof)
  9. To Life (Fiddler on the Roof)
  10. Be My Love
  11. Let my people go
  12. Hava Nagila
Jewish Songs
  1. Ma Tovu
  2. Hashkivenu
  3. Torah Service
  4. Ki Lekach Tov
  5. B’rosh Ha Sho No
  6. Hayom Haras Olom
  7. Shehecheyonu
  8. V’al Yde Avodecho
  9. Hajjom T’ammezenu
  10. Kol Nidrei
  11. L’chu N’ranenoh
  12. Eil' Melech Yosheiv
  13. Himmoze Lonu
  14. Kionu Ammecho
  15. Classidic Kaddish
Star Duets (ru:Звёздные дуэты)
  1. The Show Must Go On (with Kirkorov)
  2. Memory from Cats (with Laima Vaikule)
  3. Venus (with Lolita)
  4. Feelings (with Gazmanov)
  5. Играл скрипач (with Mikhail Shufutinsky)
  6. L`chaim (with Boris Moiseev)
  7. Дорогие москвичи (with Laima Vaikule)
  8. Ой, мороз, мороз (with Nadezhda Kadysheva)
  9. Captain (ru:Капитан) (Live) (with Kobzon)
  10. Letka-enka (with Anastasia Stotskaya)
  11. O sole mio (live, with Nikolai Baskov)
Une vie d’amour (ru:Такая великая любовь)
  1. Une vie d’amour
  2. Composition "Money"
  3. Medley "USSR" (a cappella)
  4. Un amore cosi grande
  5. Прощальная песня
  6. Увезу тебя я в тундру
  7. Medley "Паровоз" (a cappella)
  8. Sports Medley
  9. Мы, друзья, перелетные птицы
  10. Yerushala’im Shel Zahav
  11. Песня старого извозчика (a cappella)
  12. Мишка-одессит
  13. Nessun Dorma
  14. Notre Dame de Paris
  15. Bonus (попурри из фрагментов песен на стихи Ю.Энтина (a cappella)
When the Men Sing (ru:Когда поют мужчины) (Concert in Haifa, DVD, 2004)

(see the next DVD) – concert without Gloria Gaynor and Emma Shapplin.

When the Men Sing (Concert in Moscow, DVD, 2004)
  1. Va pensiero from Nabucco
  2. Opera Medley
  3. Memory
  4. Un amore cosi grande
  5. Une vie d’amour
  6. Money by ABBA
  7. Vedi, Maria/Emma Chapplin-Carmin Meo
  8. Zug
  9. Песня старого извозчика
  10. Мы, друзья, перелётные птицы
  11. Meley «Паровоз»
  12. Мишка-одессит
  13. Medley USSR
  14. Hava Nagila
  15. Ki mi Tzion, Shma Isroel
  16. Yerushalaim Shel Zahav
  17. Sim Shalom
  18. Let my people go
  19. Can't take my eyes
  20. Hit the road Jack
  21. I will survive – Gloria Gaynor
  22. Notre Dame de Paris
  23. Medley San Remo
  24. Caruso
  25. Russian Medley (Русское попурри)
  26. Letka-enka (Летка-енка)
  27. Мурка
  28. O sole mio
  29. Diva
  30. Финал. Прощальная песня
Born to Sing (ru:Рожденные петь)

1st Part

  1. Aria of Loris from «Fedra»
  2. The second aria of Calaf from «Turandot»
  3. В горнице моей светло
  4. Opera Medley
  5. Ariozo of Phantom from «The Phantom of the Opera»
  6. Увезу тебя я в тундру
  7. Liric scenes from Pushkin
  8. Liric scenes from Pushkin
  9. Liric scenes from Pushkin
  10. Полёт шмеля
  11. Medley «Паровоз»
  12. Голуби летят над нашей зоной
  13. Мишка-одессит
  14. Can't Buy Me Love
  15. Back in the U.S.S.R.

2nd Part

  1. Va pensiero from Nabucco
  2. Ma tovu (Jewish liturgical song)
  3. Requiem movement 7 of Mozart
  4. Отче наш
  5. Choir of Apostles from Jesus Christ Superstar
  6. Sim shalom
  7. Окрасился месяц багрянцем
  8. Папиросы
  9. Two Guitars (ru:Две гитары)
  10. Шар голубой
  11. Beigelach (ru:Бублики)
  12. Куплеты Бони из оперетты «Королева чардаша»
  13. Мурка
  14. Песня о дружбе
  15. Прощальная песня из к/ф «Обыкновенное чудо»
Great Music (2 CD + DVD) (ru:Великая музыка)

Great Music DVD

  1. Loris's Aria (U.Giordano Fedora)
  2. Nessun Dorma. Calaf's Aria (G. Puccini Turandot)
  3. V gornitse moey svetlo (I.Yechikov / N.Rubtsov)
  4. Opera potpourri (R.Wagner Lohengrin, G.Verdi Il trovatore, W.A. Mozart The Magic Flute, C. Gounod Faust, G. Bizet Carmen)
  5. The Music Of The Night (A. Lloyd Webber / C. Hart / Stilgoe R.H.Z.S)
  6. Une vie d'amour (D.Garvarents / C. Aznavour)
  7. Uvezu tebya ya v tundru (М. Fradkin / М. Plyazkovsky)
  8. Pushkin's lyric scenes (P.I. Tchaikovsky)
  9. The Flight of the Bumblebee (N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov)
  10. Parovoz (potpourri)
  11. Golubi letyat nad nashey zonoy (V. Dubovskoy)
  12. Mishka Odessit (М.Tanachnikov / V. Dykhovichny)
  13. Can't Buy Me Love (J. Lennon / P. McCartney)
  14. USSR (potpourri)
  15. Va pensiero (G. Verdi Nabucco)
  16. Ma tovu (Jewish folk song)
  17. Lacrymosa (W.А. Mozart)
  18. Otche nash / Pater noster (N.N. Kedrov, Russian orthodox prayer)
  19. Jesus Christ Superstar (A. Lloyd Webber / T. Rice)
  20. Sim Shalom (Jewish prayer) / Lodochka (Т.Khrennikov / М.Matusovsky)
  21. Go Down Moses (arr. S. Oliver)
  22. Okrasilsya mesyaz bagryantsem (Russian Folk Song)
  23. Papirosy (Jewish folk song)
  24. Dve guitary (I. Vasiliev / А. Grigoriev)
  25. Shar Goluboy (D. Shostakovich)
  26. Bubliki (S.Bogomazov / Y.Yadov)
  27. Boni's Song. The Czardas Princess (I. Kalman)
  28. Letka-Enka (R. Lehtinen / M. Plyatskovsky)
  29. Murka (Odessa folk song)
  30. Money, money, money (potpourri)
  31. Odnozvuchno gremit kolokoltchik (К. Sidorovich / I. Makarov)
  32. Pesnya o druzhbe (V. Bulikov)
  33. Presentation of Turetsky Choir
  34. Davaite negromko (G. Gladkov / Y. Kim)
Moscow – Jerusalem (ru:Москва-Иерусалим) (2 CD + DVD)

Moscow – Jerusalem CD 1

  1. Hu Elokeynu (Jewish folk song)
  2. B’rosh ha Shono (I. Malovani)
  3. Hodo al Eretz (V. Dubovskoy)
  4. Hajjom T'ammezeynu (L. Levandovsky)
  5. Shehecheyonu (M. Machtenberg / Vladovsky)
  6. Al Naharos Bovel (Z. Zilberts)
  7. Kadsheynu B’mitsvosecho (S. Zim)
  8. Areshes S'foseynu (M. Kusevitsky)
  9. Ma Tovu (L.Levandovsky / Z. Zilberts)
  10. Ahavas Olam (L. Levandovsky)
  11. Ki mi Tziyon (L. Levandovsky)
  12. Torah Service (Jewish prayer)
  13. Kol Nidrey (R. Himelstein)
  14. Kionu Ammecho (I. Malovani)
  15. Shma Isroel (L. Levandovsky)
  16. Hayom Haras Olom (Leo)
  17. Ki Lekach Tov (D. Roitman / I. Rumshinsky)
  18. Hasidic Kaddish (Jewish prayer)
  19. Havdola (Z. Zilberts)
  20. Hine Ma Tov (A. Kalib)
  21. Ismechu (Z. Zilberts)
  22. Sabbath Prayer (J. Bock, Fiddler on the Roof)

Moscow – Jerusalem CD 2

  1. Hava Nagila (Jewish folk song)
  2. Bubliki (S. Bogomazov / Y. Yadov)
  3. A bissele mazl (Berry Sisters)
  4. Shiru Shalom (Y. Rosenblum / Y. Rotblit)
  5. Sholom, Sholom (Jewish prayer)
  6. Abi Gesund (Jewish folk song, remix)
  7. 7/40 (Jewish folk song)
  8. A Glesele L' chaim (Jewish folk song, remix)
  9. Shar goluboy (D.Shostakovich)
  10. Ba mir bistu sheyn (Jewish folk song)
  11. Erev shel Shoshanim (M. Dor / Y. Hadar)
  12. Hallelujah (Oshrat-Ventoora Kobi / Or Shimrit)
  13. L'chaim chaveyrim (Jewish folk song)
  14. L'chaim (Jewish folk song)
  15. Mamele (Jewish folk song)
  16. Od Yishama (Carlebach Shlomo)
  17. Yerushalaim (Jewish folk song / A.Hameyiri)
  18. Zug (Berry Sisters)
  19. Ich Hob Dir (Jewish folk song)
  20. Israel, Israel (R. Siegel / S. Meinunger)
  21. Tum Balalayka (Jewish folk song) – featuring I. Kobzon

Moscow – Jerusalem DVD

  1. Ma Tovu (L. Levandovsky / Z. Zilberts)
  2. Ki Lekach Tov (D. Roitman / I. Rumshinsky)
  3. Ismechu (Z. Zilberts)
  4. Areshes S'foseynu (M. Kusevitsky)
  5. Hine Ma Tov (A. Kalib)
  6. Sim Shalom (Abe Nadel)
  7. A Glesele l'chaim (Jewish folk song, remix)
  8. Velirushalaim Ircho (L. Levandovsky / M. Kusevitsky)
Music of all times (ru:Музыка всех времен) (CD + 2 DVD)

CD: Music of all time

  1. Ах, Этот Вечер
  2. Ave Maria
  3. Almirena’s Aria (G.F. Handel Rinaldo)
  4. Flight Of The Bumblebee (Tale Of The Tsar Saltan)
  5. Song Of The Old Cab
  6. Black Eyebrows
  7. There Is Only A Moment
  8. Looking At The Lake Blue
  9. Fantasy on the Theme of "Poljushko-Pole"
  10. Letkajenkka (Letkis)
  11. Verdimania: Rigoletto, Aida, La Traviata, La Forza del Destino (opera potpourri, G. Verdi)
  12. Tango Ostap (A. Zatsepin / N. Derbenev)
  13. How Young We Were
  14. Тайна / Twilight (ELO)
  15. The Show Must Go On (B. May)
  16. Hello, Dolly
  17. We Are The Champions (F. Mercury)
  18. Farewell Song (G. Gladkov / Y. Kim)
  19. Bamir Bistu Sheyn (bonus track)

DVD 1: Music of all times (The Kremlin – 2006, Live)

  1. Oh, This Evening
  2. Ave Maria
  3. Almirenas Aria (G.F. Handel Rinaldo)
  4. Lacrymosa
  5. Our Father
  6. Yerushala'im Shel Zahav
  7. The Choir Of The Apostles (from Jesus Christ Superstar)
  8. Hallelujah From Messiah
  9. God Forbid
  10. The Opera Medley
  11. Flight Of The Bumblebee (from Tale Of The Tsar Saltan)
  12. Song Of The Old Cab
  13. Mishka-Odessit
  14. Black Eyebrows
  15. There Is Only A Moment
  16. Aria Herman (from Queen Of Spades)
  17. Looking At The Lake Blue
  18. Oy, Moroz-Moroz
  19. Coloured Hues Of The Month
  20. Walking Horses
  21. Fantasy on the Theme of "Poljushko-Pole"
  22. Lizaveta
  23. Letkajenkka (Letkis)
  24. Historia De Un Amor
  25. Honestly
  26. Sole Mio
  27. Song About Friendship

DVD 2: Hallelujah to Love (ru:Аллилуйя любви) / Kremlin Live DVD – 2008

  1. Alliluya lyubvi (D. Novikov / S. Olenberg)
  2. O Fortuna! (C. Orff Carmina Burana)
  3. Verdimania: Rigoletto, Aida, La Traviata, La Forza del Destino (opera potpourri, G. Verdi)
  4. Ukrainian Motives (arias from N. Lysenko Natalka-Poltavka, S. Gulak-Artemovky Zaporozhets za Dunaem, V. Ivasyuk Tchervona Ruta)
  5. Tango Ostap (A. Zatsepin / N. Derbenev)
  6. Kak molody my byli (A. Pakhmutova / N. Dobronravov)
  7. Charlie (R. Pauls / I. Reznik)
  8. Тайна / Twilight (ELO)
  9. The Show Must Go On (B. May)
  10. Scorpions' Fantasy
  11. Et si tu n'existais pas (P. Delano, C. Lemesle / T. Cutugno, P. Losito)
  12. Aspekty lyubvi (potpourri: I. Dunaevsky / V. Lebedev-Kumach “Kak mnogo devushek horoshikh”, T. Mauss / E. Renalls “Sex Bomb”, A. Bard / J.P. Barda / M. Dornonville / D. Peczynski / A. Wollbeck “Sexual Revolution”)
  13. Winter Medley "Tundra"
  14. Hello, Dolly (J. Herman)
  15. Storie di tutti i giorni (M. Fabrizio / G. Morra)
  16. Vivo Per Lei
  17. Ba Mir Bistu Sheyn
  18. Hava Nagila (Jewish folk song)
  19. Boni’s Song. The Czardas Princess (I. Kalman)
  20. Blue Fog
  21. We Are The Champions (F. Mercury)
  22. Farewell Song (G. Gladkov / Y. Kim)


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