Turgay Plateau

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The Turgay Plateau (Russian: Тургайское плато) is a plateau in north-west Kazakhstan, central Asia. It lies 200–300 m above sea level.

It extends some 630 km north-south and 300 km east-west. It is bisected by the Turgay Ravine which is 800 km long and during the last ice age provided an outlet for the extinct West Siberian Glacial Lake.

Between the Cretaceous and Eocene, the plateau was part of the Turgai Straits or West Siberian Sea, an extension of the Tethys Sea that separated Asia from Europe.


Coordinates: 50°03′00″N 61°50′00″E / 50.05°N 61.833334°E / 50.05; 61.833334