Turgut Atakol

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Turgut Atakol
Born 1915
Istanbul, Turkey
Died April 9, 1988(1988-04-09) (aged 73)
Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Occupation Basketball player and referee
Board member of International Olympic Committee, Turkish Olympic Committee, Turkish Basketball Federation

Turgut Atakol (1915 in Istanbul, Turkey – April 9, 1988 in Istanbul) was a Turkish basketball player, referee and sports official.

He played for the Galatasaray team in Istanbul. Upon retiring, he became a referee, calling many international games, including the Hungary-Czechoslovakia final of the 1955 European Championship.

He was the co-founder and president of the Turkish Basketball Federation (1958–1964), director of the organizing committee of the 1971 Mediterranean Games, secretary general of the Turkish Olympic Committee (1973–1982) and later its president (1982–1988), and member of the International Olympic Committee (1984–1988).

Turgut Atakol also wrote a book "Techniques of Basketball Refereeing", which was adopted as a guidebook by FIBA. He was enshrined in the FIBA Hall of Fame as a contributor in 2007.

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