Turiec (Váh)

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See also Turiec (Sajó).
Turiec River in Vrútky
Basin features
Main source Veľká Fatra
River mouth Váh in Vrútky
49°07′14″N 18°54′58″E / 49.1205°N 18.9162°E / 49.1205; 18.9162Coordinates: 49°07′14″N 18°54′58″E / 49.1205°N 18.9162°E / 49.1205; 18.9162
Progression VáhDanubeBlack Sea
Physical characteristics
Length 66 km (41 mi)

The Turiec (Slovak pronunciation: [ˈturiets]) is a river (66 km) in north-western Slovakia. It is a tributary to the Váh, into which it flows near the city of Martin. Its source is in the Veľká Fatra Mountains. The Turiec county is named after this river.


Pliny the Elder associated the name with Durius (the ancient name of Upper Váh), Ptolemy with a Celtic tribe Taurisk. The name is probably derived from the Indo-European appellative tur- (Slovak: tur, English: a bull).[1] The root is used also in a broad sense - "rich" or "strong".


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