Turk Site

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Turk Site
15 CE 6
Looking toward the Turk Site.jpg
Looking toward the site from the south
Turk Site 15 CE 6 is located in Kentucky
Turk Site 15 CE 6
Turk Site
15 CE 6
Location within Kentucky today
Coordinates 36°53′41.17″N 89°5′6.79″W / 36.8947694°N 89.0852194°W / 36.8947694; -89.0852194
Country  USA
Region Carlisle County, Kentucky
Nearest town Bardwell, Kentucky
Culture Mississippian culture
Excavation and maintenance
Responsible body private
Architectural styles Platform mounds, Plaza

The Turk Site (15CE6) is a Mississippian culture archaeological site located near Bardwell in Carlisle County, Kentucky, on a bluff spur overlooking the Mississippi River floodplain.


The 2.5 hectare site was occupied primarily during the Dorena Phase (1100 to 1300 CE) and into the Medley Phase (1300-1500 CE) of the local chronology.[1] Its inhabitants may have moved from the Marshall Site, which is located on the nearest adjacent bluff spur.

For a regional administrative center, Turk is a small site, but this is because of constraints placed on it by the geography of the bluff spur it sits on. The layout of the site is characteristically Mississippian, with a number of mounds surrounding a central plaza.[2][3]

The earliest published investigation at the site was that of Robert Loughridge, published in 1888; the most extensive work at the site was conducted under Richard Edging and published in 1985.[4]

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