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Turkansaari Open-Air Museum
Turkansaaren ulkomuseo
Turkansaari open air museum 2006 06 13.JPG
Established 1922 (1922)
Location Madekoski, Oulu, Finland
Coordinates 64°56′53″N 25°42′22″E / 64.948°N 25.706°E / 64.948; 25.706
Type Open-air museum
Website Official website

Turkansaari is an island in the Oulujoki river with an open-air museum in the Madekoski neighbourhood in Oulu, Finland. The museum is run by the Northern Ostrobothnia museum.

Turkansaari island was a for Russian traders in the Oulujoki river. The open-air museum started out when the old church, from the year 1694, was restored on the island in 1922.[1]

Every summer there is a tar kiln lit to produce tar in the traditional way.


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