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Testicle festival

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A visitor consuming a deep-fried testicle at the Tiro Testicle Festival

A testicle festival is an event held at several small towns where the featured activity is the consumption of animal testicles, usually battered and fried.[1]

The oldest of such festivals takes place in Byron, Illinois, US,[2] and features turkey testicles. Similar festivals in the US are held in Deerfield, Michigan; Olean, Missouri; Tiro, Ohio; Oakdale, California; Ashland, Nebraska; Huntley, Illinois; Stillwater, Oklahoma;[3] Salmon, Idaho;[4] Clinton, Montana; Dundas, Wisconsin, LaValle, Wisconsin, and Bentonville, Arkansas,[5] some of which feature Rocky mountain oysters (cattle testicles).[6][7] The Montana State Society has held an annual Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival in Clinton, Montana, since 2005.[8]

Every year in September the villages of Ozrem and Lunjevica in the municipality of Gornji Milanovac, Serbia, host the World Gonad Cooking Championship.[9] The festival serves up a variety of testicles, including wildlife. It also gives awards for "ballsy" newsmakers. U.S. President Barack Obama and pilot Chesley Sullenberger won awards in 2010.[10]

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